Turn your phone into your wallet.

Samsung mobile pay retail

Samsung Pay is here.

Use Samsung Pay for a simple and highly secure way to pay with the latest Samsung devices. You can use your latest compatible Samsung device almost wherever you shop – from your favorite clothing store to your local coffee shop. 

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Accepted almost anywhere you shop.

To use Samsung Pay, just swipe from the bottom of the screen, authorize your fingerprint, and hold your device by the terminal. Samsung Pay works at both the older magnetic stripe terminals and the new contactless payment terminals – anywhere you normally swipe your card. Just look for one of these symbols at checkout.

Samsung Pay Apple Pay Second Symbol

Shop Securely, Pay Privately

When you use your Samsung Pay, transactions are authorized with your fingerprint, and a random token is used instead of your actual card details, so your information stays safe.

Setup is simple.

Once you launch the app, you can securely load your AimBank debit or credit cards.