Have you noticed what is in the web address when you are looking for a business or organization on the web? 
A website domain is often referred to as a web address, which is the address that people type in to a browser address bar to find your website.  
Are you typing .com, .org, or maybe .gov at the end of your destination? 
It is a common practice to put the domain of the type of business or organization at the end of the web address and this helps set apart what kind of website you are visiting.

Did you know that there is a .bank domain? 

Financial Institutions are widely adopting the authenticated .bank domain for added security.  What is in your domain can play an important role in determining what type of website you are visiting and the level of security and protection you are receiving.  We understand that security is important to our customers and this is one more added benefit that enables you to ensure your connection to our website is legitimate and secure.

Your new domain or web address for AimBank will be  .bank is simple, easier to use, and we are enthusiastic about what this added authenticity brings to our web presence and online offerings.  You’ll enjoy greater protection from identity theft and financial fraud, as well as an additional layer of protection against data breaches.


Why  is AimBank switching to

The number one reason is for more protection for you, our customer.  We want to deliver that extra layer of assurance that .bank can provide. 

  1. Any website holding the .bank domain is required to meet the most secure practices in web hosting and all .bank domains undergo a rigorous authentication process.
  2. Sites that are sometimes replicated in the .com environment can’t be reproduced in a .bank environment. This further mitigates the threat of spoofing or phishing attempts and makes it clearer that emails are really coming from AimBank.
  3. The .bank domain keeps customers from being rerouted to another site when going to your specific destination on the web, making your browsing session more secure.


If it is more secure, why haven’t all  banks moved to .bank? 

The move to .bank and our customer’s security is a priority for AimBank, and this is a business decision that every bank has to make for themselves.  We hope as a customer of AimBank that you are pleased with the change and feel more secure with your new banking home at