Your New Home for Banking:

Posted December 10, 2019


Have you noticed what is in the web address when you are looking for a business or organization on the web? 
A website domain is often referred to as “web address,” which is the address that people type into a browser address bar to find your website.  
Are you typing .com, .org, or maybe .gov at the end of your destination? 
It is a common practice to put the domain of the type of business or organization at the end of the web address and this helps set apart what kind of website you are visiting on the web.

Did you know that there is a .bank domain? 

Financial Institutions are widely adopting the authenticated .bank domain for added security.  What is in your domain can play an important role in determining what type of website you are visiting and the level of security and protection you are receiving.  We understand that security is important to our customers and this is one more added benefit that enables you to ensure your connection to our website is more secure.

Your new domain or web address for AimBank will be  .bank is simple and easier to use, and we are enthusiastic about what this added authenticity brings to our web presence and online offerings.  You’ll enjoy greater protection from identity theft and financial fraud, as well as an additional layer of protection against data breaches.


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Low Mortgage Rates and What They Mean for You

Posted September 20, 2019

Low mortgage interest rates

Dropping interest rates have made the news recently, and these new low rates could mean big savings for homeowners.  Wondering if now might be the right time for you to purchase your dream home or consider refinancing? Read on for helpful tips for those in the market for a new or refinanced mortgage.

 What does this mean for those in the market for a mortgage?

Whether you’re ready to purchase a new home or are interested in refinancing to lower your monthly payments, it is worth seeing how much these new lower interest rates could save you. For example, if you took out a $300,000 mortgage in late-2018, you could save $240 per month with current interest rates based on Freddie Mac data.

Because interest rates vary by the day, it’s important to establish a relationship with a trusted mortgage expert who can guide you on the best time to lock in your interest rate. “The mortgage rates you’ll be quoted are unique to each financial institution and depend upon your individual situation including any rate discount programs you might qualify for, like VA or FHA loans,” says Bert Rogers, Mortgage Loan Officer at AimMortgage in Lubbock. “We will help guide you through the application process in order to give you the best rate possible.”

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Why Should Small Businesses Bank with Community Banks?

Posted August 8, 2019
Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, who you choose to bank with is an important decision that will make the day-to-day administration of your business easier or harder. Lubbock commercial lending expert Kolby Kimbrough discusses some of the benefits of banking with a local community bank.

Local decisions

One of the most significant benefits to banking with a community bank is that lending decisions are made locally. For example, if you own a small business and decide it’s time to get a loan, your loan will have to go through an approval process at the bank you choose. Depending on the size and purpose of the loan, sometimes it’s approved by a loan committee. The speed of the loan committee approval will play a significant role in how long it takes for you to receive your loan.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Checking Account

Posted June 11, 2019
Personal Checking Online Banking

There are a wide variety of personal checking accounts available. A little research can go a long way in choosing the account that’s right for you. First, check and see if your bank provides an account matrix. This handy tool allows you to easily compare the benefits of each type of account offered. Depending upon your financial goals and banking needs, some of these features will outweigh others. Continue reading to learn how to determine which checking account might be right for you.

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Understanding Escrow Accounts

Posted May 20, 2019
Escrow Accounts

AimMortgage home loan expert Stormy Ray explains escrow accounts and how they affect your mortgage payment and loan closing process.

What is an escrow account?

An escrow account is money collected as part of your monthly house payments to pay property taxes and homeowner insurance premiums for your new home. 

How does it work?

Escrow accounts are generally established at the time you close your new loan.  Your house payment is divided into three parts: principle, interest, and escrow.  Your escrow payments are spread across twelve months.  Every month when the mortgage payment is made a portion of that payment would be applied to your escrow account. 

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Protecting Your Small Business from Identity Fraud 

Posted April 22, 2019
password security

Most people know that is it is important to protect yourself from identify theft, but many don’t realize their business is also at risk of identity fraud. Taking these simple steps can protect your business from costly fraudulent activity.

Protect sensitive information.

Your sensitive business information should be guarded the same way you protect your personal information. Don’t share items like your company’s EIN or banking information on any platforms that aren’t secure, including email. Don’t text sensitive information and never communicate with an employee’s personal email. Personal email servers are particularly vulnerable to phishing and hacking attempts.

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Top 10 Things You Should Know When Buying a Home

Posted December 26, 2018

AimMortgage key

Buying your first home can be an exciting and often overwhelming time. It’s a major decision that requires plenty of thought and planning. Before you fall in love with a house’s perfect kitchen or beautiful curbside appeal, consider these not so obvious factors that play a vital role in happy homeownership.


 1. Select a high-quality, experienced realtor.

When you first begin your house hunt, be sure to hire a real estate agent who is respected and generally trusted. Along with your mortgage lender, your realtor is an integral part of successfully finding and closing on your dream house. Choosing the right realtor will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

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Advantages of a Local Bank

Posted November 9, 2018

Be local
West Texas sunset with windmill

When choosing the bank that’s right for you, it’s wise to consider community banks. Community banks offer unique advantages to both personal and business banking. What’s a community bank? As defined by, “a community bank is a locally owned and operated financial institution that addresses the needs of a community by offering loans to small-business owners or personal loans to individuals. It’s the place to take your money if you’re concerned about malfeasance by corporate banks, or if you appreciate the community bank’s role in fostering small businesses and growing the local economy.” 

What exactly makes a community bank different than a corporate bank? The following are just a few of the advantages community banks have to offer.

1. Better customer service

Tired of receiving poor customer service and feeling like you’re just an account number? It may be time to move to a community bank. Community banks like AimBank pride themselves on their customer service from their ability to meet in person for any of your banking needs to being able to talk to a real person and handle issues quickly should they arise.

Three Ways to Spend $1,000

Posted September 18, 2018

What would you do if you had $1,000 extra dollars? 

1. Pay off debt.

Paying off debt and, in particular, credit card debt, is one of the most effective ways to spend extra money. Many personal finance experts advise using the extra $1,000 to pay down the balance of cards with the highest APR first in order to see the greatest financial benefit.

Another effective way of paying down debt is to use Dave Ramsey’s “debt snowball” method of lining up your debts from smallest to largest and paying off your smallest debts first. Many find this technique creates momentum for faster debt elimination as it allows you to see immediate results by paying off your smallest balances first. For those who like to mark things off lists, this technique is especially emotionally satisfying.

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Top Tips for Saving Money

Posted September 13, 2018

Saving money is something that tops many to-do lists. Actually meeting those savings goals, however, can be a struggle. These helpful tips will put you on the path of to saving your hard-earned money and reaching your financial goals.

 1. Set your priorities.

“Define what’s important to you,” advises Jonathan Hill, AimBank’s Lubbock market president. “As you’re making decisions throughout the year financially, ask yourself, ‘Does this financial decision get me closer to a priority I’ve already set, or does it get me further away from that priority?’”

Whether your goals are something large like a down payment on a house or a shorter-term goal like an upcoming vacation, making all purchasing decisions with your priorities in mind will make it easier to walk away from tempting impulse purchases that will take you further away from that goal.

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