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 When it comes to your family's health, AimBank has the financial tools to make sure your family is COVERED.  If you're enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan, our Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you save for qualified medical expenses tax free.  Paying for routine medical expenses like prescription co-pays and doctor bills is as easy as using your AimBank HSA Debit Card.  Visit with one of our local bankers to learn about the convenience and tax benefits of opening an AimBank HSA account.  
Health Savings Account Advantages:
  • You have the freedom to choose your health provider. 
  • A debit card is provided for your convenience to pay for prescriptions, doctor bills, or other medical fees.
  • Any unused funds will roll over from year to year.
  • There is no time limit on when you can use your HSA funds.
  • Additional retirement savings.  After the age of 65, funds can be withdrawn for any purpose without penalty. 
The advantages of tax free savings:
  • Employer contributions are 100% tax deductible from your normal salary.
  • Your accrued interest is tax deferred.
  • Qualified medical expenses are tax free.
HSA Eligibility:
  • Your current insurance plan must be a High Deductible Health Plan.
  • You are not covered by another type of health plan unless it is also a High Deductible Health Plan.
  • You are not covered by Medicare.
  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax returns unless it is your spouse.
  • You cannot have received medical benefits from Veteran's Administration at any time within the past three months.1
 1. This exclusion does not apply if you received medical benefits for service-controlled disabilities.
For more information on HSA Accounts, please see our FAQ.
HSA FAQ              HSA FAQ for Employers