Welcome to the Family.
At AimBank, we are excited to announce we have become a Family of Brands as we welcome FNB New Mexico as a Division of AimBank. We  are united together to provide excellent customer experience, including increased lending capabilities and a wider trade area.  
Beginning October 18, 2019, you can begin to do any day-to-day banking business at any of the AimBank or FNB New Mexico locations.  This includes additional ATM's at FNB New Mexico locations.  New locations include Angel Fire, Clayton, Logan, Raton, Santa Rosa, and Tucumcari, New Mexico.  
We know many of our customers do business in both Texas and New Mexico.  Both brands work on the same belief system about customer service, commitment to our local communities, and local loan decisions.  We truly believe we are better together.
AimBank and FNB New Mexico